Building Smart Communities Expert Panel in Adelaide

Smart cities and resilient communities panel with local and international experts, at Building Smart Communities, Adelaide, South Australia 

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What will our cities look like in the future? How will our cities keep pace with the technological advances that are sweeping the globe at break-neck speed? How will they leverage the power of the people and businesses eager to contribute to creating smarter, more resilient communities? 

Building Smart Communities, a panel and workshop event hosted by engage2 in conjunction with the Smart Cities Council Australia and New Zealand tackles these important questions head-on on 28 September in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Chaired by Gail Fairlamb, Department of Premier and Cabinet, the event features international experts Justin Herman and Dr. Rebecca Rumbul together with local authorities Adam Beck and Amelia Loye, in a morning of discussion on smart cities, smart and resilient communities, engagement and the use of technology to find power IN the crowd including big data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and civic technology. 

What exactly is a ‘smart city?’

Smart cities understand, value and leverage the resources within their communities – the people and organisations that want to contribute, the connections and social networks that exist both online and offline, and the social capital that is exchanged among them.  

Building Smart Communities presents a rare opportunity to learn more about how technologies are being used by governments across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States to understand, engage and work with the communities they serve, and features local and international speakers at the forefront of the industry. 

Justin Herman heads up the US Government’s Digital Engagement team and Dr. Rebecca Rumbul is Head of Research at mySociety, Europe’s leading authority on Civic Tech. They join local Engagement Specialist and Managing Director of engage2, Amelia Loye and Executive Director of Australia and New Zealand Smart Cities Council Adam Beck in a robust conversation around how we can build ‘smarter cities’ and how technologies can support smarter governance and engagement to create more resilient communities. 

The discussion will explore the following: 

  • What is a ‘smart city’ and what does it mean for resilience? 
  • How blockchain is changing the way governments serve community  
  • Using big data and AI for smarter cities and more effective services  
  • Digital disruption, democracy and trends in community engagement  
  • Using virtual reality to educate and involve community  
  • Lessons from the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand  
  • Leveraging the power IN the crowd to service community  
  • The real benefits of opening government  
  • Digital inclusion and integration of online and offline services 

Building Smart Communities Panel Information

Thursday 28 September 2017, 9.30am – 12pm.

The Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place   Adelaide, South Australia

Tea, coffee and morning tea served on arrival

Register here to participate.

Building Smart Communities is part of Open State, a festival of innovation, collaboration, ideas and enterprise from 28 September – 8 October in Adelaide, South Australia.  

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