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Lina Mbirkou is the Founder of MACRO Leaders. The acronym MACRO stands for her values: Mindfulness, Authenticity, Courage, Resilience, and Openness. She uses these as pillars to guide her work in transforming leaders and their organisations. Lina is a corporate wellbeing consultant and an accomplished facilitator. She holds a Master of Commerce, an MBA and a Certificate IV in training and assessment and has also completed courses in Design thinking and emergent methods for collective systemic transformation, such as Theory U.

Lina has jumped on board Changecamp because she wants to be amongst the pioneers of a new way of (well)being, and loves creating spaces where magic and yummy connections can happen!

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My work now is cultural evolution; curating the next evolution of cultural narratives that underpin life-giving, life-sustaining systems for humans and our sentient brothers and sisters. Our cultural stories are at the heart of the way we see ourselves, our place in the world and how we live, and right now we are living with flawed or incomplete stories, such as ‘growth’ and ‘separation’, so I curating new and compelling stories is a core part our Great Turning.

I have been engaged for 20 years in designing and facilitating transformation across systems; in organisations, across industries and for nation-wide initiatives. I’m keen to build widespread capacity for leading systemic change

Building a relational field based on trust and belonging are key enablers of social change work, both within the communities we work, and also within the network of change-makers.

I see ChangeCamp as a powerful way to support this relationship building and believe it will power up the collective efforts of all who participate, as well as give rise to many new opportunities for collaboration and co-creation.

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Khali Young works as a coach, stewarding transformational change within organisations and leaders. He specialises in Agile, Lean, Integral and Embodied coaching and facilitation approaches. He started his career as a technologist and has played many roles within a project business and delivery ecosystem, finally settling into coaching and consulting. Khali also runs Authentic Sydney, facilitating community and teaching the skills of authentic communication and embodied presence, particularly via a relational meditation practice, ‘circling’.

I’m involved in change camp because I believe in the power of grass roots change, connected to formal systems driven change. I see the energy for change being in all of us, waiting to be liberated as part of deeply listening to ourselves and each other. Change camp is an awesome opportunity for us to come together and find this energy for positive change together.

Design and facilitation team

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Dane is a Social Designer specialised in creating environments and experiences to enhance collaboration, knowledge sharing and social innovation/change.

With a background in industrial design, environmental entrepreneurship and collaboration facilitation, Dane is passionate about helping people to be themselves, have fun and innovate to mitigate the human impact on our environment.

Dane is co-organising ChangeCamp with Amelia and the team at Engage2 because it aligns with his values and is a fun opportunity to participate with friends on a community project that matters.

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Community. Creativity. Connectivity.

Interested in the human-side of town planning, Sam was inspired by her overseas travel to learn more about what makes a city and how people make a place.

In particular she is interested in the relationship betweent the creative sector and gentrification and discovering whether it is possible without destroying existing communities.

Sam is also an avid fan of walking and would like to see Sydney move away from car-dependency towards more transit-oriented development.

Sam is interested in different methods and approaches to conversation and collaboration and is looking forward to being a part of her first unconference.

One concept she would like to explore is how to make civic engagement more accessible and convenient – in particular for younger people, as they will be the ones affected by the long-term strategic plans being developed now.

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Director InCollaboration

I am a catalyst, complexity thinker, strategic connector and relationship-builder for organisations and networks working towards a more fair, inclusive, regenerating and sustainable world. I am engaged in big picture strategies focused on the new economy and cultural change. At the same time I support local leaders who are working with their communities towards more resilience and self-sufficiency. I am involved in ChangeCamp as I believe collaboration is the way forward. I believe our world is in trouble and we need as many hands on deck as possible. Working together is not always easy as we have different perspectives and world views. But I am excited by this challenge. I am interested in us moving to new levels of wisdom as we co-create new ways forward.


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