Investigating Industry Trends in USA and Canada

engage2 Director to bring back latest industry developments from US/Canada trip


engage2’s Founder and Managing Director, Amelia Loye is heading off later this week to the United States and Canada to connect with other experts in the field. She plans to share learnings and bring back up-to-the-minute industry developments.


First stop is British Columbia (BC) where Amelia will meet with the Premier’s Innovation and Change stakeholder engagement team. During her time working in the Ministry of Environment in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Amelia worked closely with the Premier’s Innovation and Change team. She’ll be meeting with the Executive Director of Stakeholder Engagement for BC and his team to share learnings and discuss trends in the industry.

She will also meet with the team running Vancouver’s Civic Renewal Lab to discuss Civictech, policy labs, the relationship between design thinking and engagement, social innovation and how government is getting involved in their initiatives.


Off the back of last month’s inaugural ChangeCampAU, Amelia will meet with the ChangeCamp Victoria team, who inspired ChangeCampAU. Since attending ChangeCamp Vancouver in 2009, Amelia has been passionate about bringing the concept to Australia, and last month’s successful ChangeCampAU confirmed Australia is ripe for this kind of collaborative process.

ChangeCamp is for people and organisations who want to make a difference in their community. It’s about community-driven social change, active citizenship and collaboration for social impact. Amelia will compare notes with the Victoria team, particularly around the ways it has inspired social innovation and the impact it has had on the development of the social change and social impact communities in BC.


While in BC Amelia will also meet with Vancouver City Council’s engagement team and elected councillors as well as consultants and researchers engaging for and with government. She will spend time with leaders in Social and Environmental Sustainability for business and industry including former head of Bloomberg’s Environmental Monitoring team and Hollyhock board member, Margery Moore.

Across to Toronto where Amelia will meet with the team leading the Welcome Home Toronto project and Social Innovation Canada teams. She will also spend time with with open government leaders and speak to their key advisors on Public Participation and engagement with the Canadian government.


Amelia then travels to New York where she’ll meet with the Govlab team who she met in Italy earlier this year at the Impacts of Civic Technology Conference run by mySociety. In September, engage2 is bringing Rebecca Rumbul, Head of Research at mySociety, for a series of workshops in Australia and New Zealand and also Justin Herman. While in Australia, Rebecca, Justin and Amelia will be doing a series of events including a workshop about emerging citizen technology at ALGIM’s web, digital and customer service symposium and an event about Building Smart Communities with Australian and NZ Smart Cities Council as part of the Open State festival. They’ll also be working with a series of governments in between, helping them appreciate the potential of these tools to help governments understand, engage and work with community.

Amelia will also meet with the 100 resilient cities team in New York before moving on to Washington DC where she will spend time with the World Bank Civic Engagement team. In DC, she will also reconnect with Justin Herman with whom she’ll be delivering workshops in Australia and New Zealand next month.


Inspired (and only a little daunted) by such a full schedule, Amelia will be taking full advantage of her time in North America to reconnect with peers and past colleagues and establish new connections. All the while, she will be on the lookout for inspiring speakers for exchange.

“I’m excited to spend time with my friends and peers whose work I have admired and respected for years. I look forward to hearing their insights and feedback on the work engage2 is doing. I’m looking forward to sharing and building on learnings and ideas…this time in person,” says Amelia.

“There is so much fantastic work happening in our industry and I will be doing my best to capture as much as I can about the work of our North American peers through a series of interviews I’ll record and post online as a podcasts. Watch this space!”


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