engage2 podcast: Andrew Young, Supporting Innovators In The Public Service

Andrew Young from The GovLabIn this podcast, Amelia Loye interviews Andrew Young from The GovLab about the way they support innovators in the public service. Richard is the Knowledge Director at The GovLab, focusing on the impact of technology on public institutions.

Andrew and Amelia met at The Making All Voices Count Worksop [MAVC], off the back of the Impacts of Civic Technology (TICTec)

Andrew leads the GovLab’s research efforts focusing on the impact of technology on public institutions. Among the grant-funded projects he has directed are: a global assessment of the impact of open government data, comparative benchmarking of government innovation efforts against those of other countries, and crafting the experimental design for testing the adoption of technology innovations in federal agencies. He has written extended work on how public sector institutions use new technology to coordinate work and developed a number of original public resources on areas of governance innovation.

This interview took place at The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference, hosted by MySociety in Italy.  You can see Amelia’s slides on Designing for Digital Democracy here.

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