engage2 podcast: Mark Kuznicki – Supporting Intrapreneurs and Innovation within Organisations

mark-kuznicki-1In this podcast Amelia interviews Mark Kuznicki from The Moment about his work supporting intrapreneurs and innovation within organisations. Mark is also one of the co-founders of Change Camp CA. In this podcast Amelia and Mark talk what innovation means in practice, why it matters and how you can participate as a leader and someone adapting to change.

Mark is an innovation strategist and facilitator who helps organizations and advises CEOs and senior leaders who lead change, innovation and business transformation programs. He is co-founder of The Moment, an innovation design and consulting firm based in Toronto. The Moment uses human-centred design and organizational change methods to build, support and scale innovation teams who are ready to shape their organizational future while creating value for people.

Amelia met Mark through her Canadian open government and social innovation networks. To find out more about Change Camp AU and why engage2 is supporting social innovation in Sydney see Amelia’s blog post about Active Citizenship and Change Camp AU.

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