engage2 podcast: Richard Dunks – The Role Of Data In Understanding & Addressing Social Challenges

richard-dunks-datapolitanIn this podcast, Amelia Loye interviews Richard Dunks from Datapolitan about open data, open government and the role of data in helping people understand and address social challenges. Richard has a background in consulting, data analysis and computer science and a strong interest in urban and data science to make cities more resilient, liveable and more efficient.

Richard Dunksis the founder of Datapolitan, an urban informatics consultancy based in New York City that focuses on the data and information needs of the public sector, including government agencies and non-profits. A graduate of the urban data science program at NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, Richard works on applying new and innovative techniques to the processing, analysis, and visualisation of public data to make meaningful and positive actions with measurable impact.

This interview took place at The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference, hosted by MySociety in Italy.

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