engage2 proudly announces ChangeCampAU

Here at engage2 we are currently organising our first ChangeCampAU  event in Sydney on 1st July 2017. ChangeCamp is a participatory event designed around the following questions:

  1. How can we help each other maximise our social impact?
  2. How can Government help us to do that more effectively?

Doing community engagement work, we get to meet amazing people and organisations doing great things for our community, cities and the planet all the time. They inspire us to keep doing what we do, and we want to help them be more effective too. So we designed an event to bring people delivering change in their communities together, so we can learn from each other and work out the best ways to maximise our social impact.

ChangeCampAU is based on ChangeCampCA, an unconference for social outcomes. Amelia attended the 2009 event in Vancouver and she’s been wanting to host a ChangeCamp in Australia ever since. This year she called on the teams in Canada to see what they had learned from the events and the outcomes they has provoked. She also reached out to friends and peers supporting social change and measurement of social impact and social outcomes in communities across Australia. Their response and support for ChangeCamp has been incredibly heartening. Everyone seems to think we need the event, and the concept has gained so much momentum we’ve decided this is our year to deliver it.

Our first ChangeCampAU will be in Sydney on 1 July 2017.  Register your interest now.

Through ChangeCamp we hope to encourage the people and organisations making change in communities across Sydney by connecting them with others who can help them to ensure their efforts are effective and sustainable. We are bringing together people who are working on and want to learn more about how to best contribute to their communities and deliver social outcomes in our city.

The event is an unconference with some creative facilitation. This means there will be no “experts at the front” telling you what to do and how to do it. Rather, we are bringing together some of the most interesting and interested people from government, the NGO sector, businesses and citizens who want to, or who already are, actively using their skills – software development, design thinking, writing, social media, etc – to support effective social change in greater Sydney.

ChangeCamp will encourage active citizenship, community-driven social change and effective participation in communities across Sydney by showcasing ways a ‘can do’ attitude and ‘do-ocracies’ are making a difference and delivering social outcomes across greater Sydney.  We also want to make sure that existing initiatives are visible and participants can find ways to help them be more effective.

We want to connect people and encourage networks for positive social change, and help build stronger, more resilient communities around them.  We’d also like to help support government enable and support community driven social change.

Please help us spread the word about ChangeCamp by sharing this blog or this flyer. We are looking forward to meeting you all and strengthening the community of social change agents across Sydney.Spread the word.

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