Engaging News – 13.10.17

Engaging News (Week ending Friday 13 October 2017)

Digital Democracies, Citizen Engagement and Smart Cities news from around the world. This week, sharing exciting developments from Mexico, Norway, USA, New Zealand and Australia.



 The Smarter State: How Public Agencies are Using the Technologies of Expertise to Engage with Civil Servants

Using tech to break down silos & personal interface is how public agencies are becoming Smarter States. http://thegovlab.org/the-smarter-state-how-public-agencies-are-using-the-technologies-of-expertise-to-engage-with-civil-servants/


How Online Citizen Engagement Can Turn NIMBY Into YIMBY

A thoughtful piece about turning NIMBY into YIMBY, through engagement, civictech and enhanced citizenship. https://blog.placespeak.com/how-online-citizen-engagement-can-turn-nimby-into-yimby/


Open Data

Using open data for policy

New resource from StatsNZ on using open data for policy design, improving interventions & data-management. https://www.dpmc.govt.nz/sites/default/files/2017-08/Using%20Open%20Data%20for%20Policy%20Design%2029%20June%202017.pdf


The good, the bad and the difficult part of open data

Thought piece from Mexico about the good, bad and the difficulties of open data. https://opendatacharter.net/good-bad-difficult-part-open-data/


Smart Cities

“Smart City” Tech Should Tackle More Than Transit and Energy

People-centric smart city systems need stronger government standards & support for innovation says Ken Steif. https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/smart-city-tech-tackle-more-than-transit-energy


Be a digital democracy: the ethos of leading smart cities

Australian Smart Communities shares the top 3 Smart City drivers: 1. CivicTech 2. Innovation culture. 3. Developing Smart Communities. http://australiansmartcommunities.org.au/be-digital-democracy-ethos-leading-smart-cities


Bring a Nordic Edge to the United States.

The Nordic Model approach is an important aspect of smart cities, according to Andras Simonyi. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59d1043fe4b0f58902e5cd24/amp


The Digital Evolution Index,

Timothy Turitto shows countries around the world, their digital evolution and rate of change at Nordic Edge 2017.

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