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Topics this week: Social Impact, Smart Cities, Resilient Cities, Evolving Democracy, Community Engagement, Open Data for Sustainability.


Social Impact 

The Public Impact Lab enables innovative strategies to improve public impact, with a self-assessment tool & specific help available.

Global collective “States of Change” is working towards the next generation of public innovation and will be launching 9-12 month programs in Australia & Canada.


Community Engagement

Community & schooling are blending their borders at South Melbourne Primary School, a ‘vertical school’ integrating public facilities & a sustainable fenceless design that wants parents to linger.

Other industries are recognising that innovation works best with social inclusion.


Open Data

Resource Watch, is a new open data energy tool to monitor the planet’s pulse, and was launched last week by World Resources Institute, National Geographic Society & others. Watch footage of the launch here.


Evolving Democracy

An excellent article combining participatory democracy & deliberative democracy, building on case studies & research with exciting outlooks for the future.

Citizens’ sense of trust, influence on government matters at all time low, with less than 3 in 100 people feeling they have “significant influence”, stimulating more calls for citizen engagement, like citizen juries, says Matthew Taylor.


Resilient Cities

Resilient cities extend to heat-proof designs for play-spaces. Materials like astroturf triple heat impact, demanding a rethink, says Abby Lopes et al.

Planting trees will help us achieve resilient cities, so it’s great news that the New South Wales Government ‏has committed to expanding Sydney’s green infrastructure & will plant 5 million new trees by 2030.


Smart Cities

Barcelona is giving power back to citizens, with Francesca Bria, Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer, leading a move away from a Smart Cities tech agenda to open data as a public common good & participatory budgeting.

A great new platform for the City of Brampton, Canada, displays key open data & smart cities measures for citizens to engage with, helping grow transparency & innovation with this dashboard.

New smart cities platforms have been announced by National Science Foundation for New York City & Salt Lake City, becoming ‘living labs’ for advanced wireless projects.


engage2 News

Learn more about our Vivid Sydney June 5 panelist, Alan DuPont who brings an understanding about democracy & how it is being “undermined by false narratives… to show dissent and exacerbate social & political divides”. Read his excellent article about safe-guarding democracy.

Did you know we have two events at Vivid Sydney? For curious minds, our 16th June event has a different panel, discussing the evolution of democracy, deliberative democracy & representative democracy.


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