Engaging News – 22.06.2018

Engaging News – Week ending 22 June

Every week engage2 finds the best & latest stories of our industry interests and share them as a weekly round up here, and via our Twitter feeds – @engage2govern & @emotivate during the week.

Topics this week: EngageTech, CivicTech, Smart Cities, Resilient Cities and Engage2 News.



Congratulations Espoo, Finland, who was named the 2018 Intelligent Community of the Year for its holistic philosophy of humanising tech and teaching innovation as a way of life.

Mayors are keeping smart cities personal by conducting community engagement through home meetings.



Testing the theory that increased community engagement leads to an increased trust in the government, Code for Canada sums up their research & how it helps the move towards a more participatory approach to governance.

Data4democracy is a grass-roots collective of +3400 volunteer data scientists building a stronger democracy. Tune into their monthly round-up to find out more about their work & links to their Github resources.


Smart Cities

Europe aims to have 300+ smart cities by the end of 2019, with 12 smart communities ‘Lighthouse‘ projects funded with €270 million so far.


Resilient Cities

Resilient Cities reshapes collaboration & helps ensure a city’s vitality for the benefit of all citizens, says Lauren Sorkin (100RC Regional Director for Asia Pacific), with CRO’s Toby Kent – Melbourne & Kristin Gabriel – Sydney featured in this article.


engage2 News

Engage2 hosted our second Vivid Sydney event last weekend, where 90+ people turned out on a Saturday night to talk about Evolving Democracy. Calan Holmes reflected on the event, where he helped measure a shift in optimism towards democracy. By the end of the event people felt more empowered to form an opinion and vote, with an 18% shift in optimism!

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