Engaging News – 22.12.17

Engaging News – week ending 22 December 2017

The latest stories on Engagement, Tech, Open Government and Open Data, Resilient and Smart Cities, Sustainability and Climate Action. Join the conversation below, or on our Twitter streams @engage2govern and @emotivate.



Citizen engagement & public consultations will only go so far in detoxing democracy unless there is fundamental change to public debates.

Using administration buzzwords can cause credibility gaps says Gill Callister who points out change flows better when feedback is valued.

New paper from Centre of Policy Development shows Australians are keen for renewal in #democracy & policy reform.



New digital technologies curriculum in 2018 will help NZ kids become creators of technology through teaching computational thinking skills.


Open Government and Data

Thoughtful piece about World Bank Open Contracting Partnerships, calling for coalitions of integrity from government, business and civil society to help overcome corruption.

Exploring the economic benefits of Open Data impact at macro and microeconomic levels – links to studies across Europe https://www.europeandataportal.eu/en/highlights/economic-benefits-open-data

Six lessons in open government partnership shows citizen engagement needs more support for true success.


Resilient Cities, Smart Cities

Cities and the tech industry have new opportunities to gain much from each other with 100 Resilient Cities CityXChange Roadmap, providing insight, tools, and structures to collaborate effectively.

Designing cities around the needs of children can anchor our move towards smart cities and resilient cities says new report by ARUP Group.  

Australia’s smart cites dashboard is now online, tracking the progress the largest cities with the National Cities Performance Framework

Dealing with heatwaves is just one climate change effect that resilient cities in Australia face.


Sustainability and Climate Action

Denmark provides @c40cities with €2 million to support five mega cities in Africa, Asia to design & robust climate action plans towards Paris Agreement goals


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