Engaging News 27.4.2018

Engaging News – Week ending 27 April 2018

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Topics this week: Participation in Public Space, Social Impact, Community Engagement, Sustainability and Engage2 News.



Participation in Public Space

Rethinking public infrastructure as platforms for democracy, Crystal Legacy underlines a pivotal role for citizen participation has in shaping the habitat of democratic life.

Hila Oren from Tel Aviv speaks about the city as a living organism, visioning cities 20 years from now and the awareness that citizens are city makers.


Social Impact

Transparency and lower costs are helping blockchain tech to be utilised for social impact says Stanford Graduate School of Business, sharing new research showing two thirds of orgs integrating blockchain.

Going beyond using data for generating profits, a network of pro-bono data scientists – DataKind – are helping social impact organisation access the power of data analytics.


Community Engagement

Learning Infrastructure” – the infrastructure critical to learning – with Transparency Initiative aiming to create support for transparency, accountability, community engagement & the organisations faced with implementation.

This paper synthesises evidence on 23 community development programs, focussing on the question “Does it build social cohesion or infrastructure?”

Updated research from Stanford Graduate School of Business about community cohesion as the key to resilience, & resilient cities , with cooperative organisations being key shock absorbers.

Awesome article summarising The Policy Lab’s research about public sector innovation units in AUS & NZ, with 26+ units across both, with sig shifts in focus but needing more community engagement.



Discussing Sustainable Development Goals & big data, the World Bank showcases in this video how new tech is allowing cities, communities improving employment, transport, energy & civic defence services.


Engage2 News

A new addition to our podcast series, with Engage2’s Director, Amelia Loye, interviewing key community engagement & civic tech experts. In this podcast, we talk to Richard Dunks ‏from DataKind & Datapolitan


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