Engaging News – 8.12.17

Engaging News – week ending 8 December 2017

Our summary of this week’s most exciting international news from the industry – democracy, tech, data and smart communities. Comment below, or join our mailing list to get these updates to your mailbox.


Deliberative, Direct and Digital Democracy

Digital technology, democracy and revolution: More “democracy sausages for everyone!” declares Brooke Dixon, speaking on democracy and digital democracy at TEDxCanberra.

What’s the difference between direct democracy & digital democracy, civictech & engagetech? Our engage2 blog shows how we differentiate between them and the types of tools that work for each http://engage2.com.au/digital-democracy-helps-elected-representatives-serve/

A new issue of Journal of Public Deliberation is out now, a peer reviewed, open access journal about deliberative democracy.

Interested in civictech in action? Check out Better Reykjavik, where citizens in Iceland can suggest laws, policies & budget measures. 769 ideas approved since 2007 https://www.citizens.is/.

Gender plan seeks to put women in driving seat of climate fight: Women must be involved in decision-making for climate change solutions, with new gender action plan adopted to achieve gender equality at UNFCCC climate talks in Bonn.



Reskilling our future workforce: Australia needs to catch the “third wave” of the internet & tech evolution, says Data61 Adrian Turner, who is also rethinking the education system.

UNSW launches Allens hub for tech, law and innovation: Law is falling behind tech advances & disruption. A new collaboration between University of NSW, Allens Legal Law Society of NSW will pursue legal research focusing on innovation.


Big and Open Data

Data philanthropy will drive climate resilient development: Can we leverage big data to help solve the climate change equation? Data philanthropy is discussed at this year’s UNFCCC ‏climate talks in Bonn.

The Open Data Barometer is an interactive map showing a global measure of how governments are publishing & using open data for accountability, #innovation & social impact.


Smart communities and cities

Smart Cities Now, and Next: Robotics, automation, IoT and new energy are major disrupters, says Catherine Caruana, sharing how smart cities and smart communities have role in shaping the future.

Smart cities – The case for IoT: Home-grown digital & data solutions, that are easy to replicate, could help Australia lead the world in smartcities tech.


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