Engaging News – 9.02.2018

Engaging News – week ending February 9th 2018

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Smart Cities

Sensor-Tech & new IoT platform for smart cities tech will be trialled in Adelaide following a partnership between Cisco, South Australian Govt & City of Adelaide to prepare for autonomous vehicles.

As AI applications evolve, we’re going to require a level of data literacy and quality that is unheralded in government.

With 90% of urban growth happening in slums, the World Economic Forum rethinks how these environments can be transformed into a global network of microcities, helping residents participate in creating the cities of the future.


Sharing Economy

White paper: ‘Collaboration in Cities: From Sharing to Sharing Economy’ from the World Economic Forum demystifies the new sharing economy vocabulary & explains key drivers.



Doxing, fake news and hacking creates new challenges for democracy. Is social media changing our ethics? And do they need to be regulated?


Tech and Innovation

Open mapping can help nations achieve SDGs by improving democratic action with tech.for.good.

Quantum computing shows huge potential in how it will help us make better decisions.

The Australian government is moving to support innovation hubs in regional centres, aiming to establish 4 new tech incubators outside of capital cities.

Innovation in Australia is gaining support with Australia 2030 Plan released last week by Innovation and Science Australia. 30 recommendations to the Australian government for national action & cultural change Australia with goals stretching to 2030.



A specialised social change guide to events at the Adelaide Fringe Festival program has been created by the Don Dunstan Foundation.

Australian Smart Communities Association conference website is up, with details on speakers & events. 9-11 May 2018, Melbourne. Registrations open now.

The 4th Digital Disruption Summit is set for 26-27 March, Sydney, with a full program available online.


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