There are rumblings across the globe. Brexit. The influence of social media on election results.

Democracy is being disrupted. The legitimacy of Western Democracy and of governments around the world is being questioned.

People want to see change, they want to get involved.

Digital democracy is here, but what exactly does that mean?

New methods and technologies are emerging to help open government and transform our representative system into a more participatory one.

It’s important for smart leaders and governments to understand the potential of these tools if they are to help their organisations adapt and remain relevant.

On June 5, in collaboration with Vivid Ideas, engage2 and The Mandarin bring you Democracy is Being Disrupted: Governing in the 21st Century, a professional development event that explores how governments might use these new tools to lead and represent more effectively.

What’s on the agenda?

Geopolitical security expert and Lowy Institute fellow Alan DuPont will open the panel, examining how democracy is being disrupted globally. Tom Burton, publisher of The Mandarin, will then chair a panel of experts in smart governance, democratic innovation and digital transformation for democracy including the NSW Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Tydd.

What’s in it for you?

This is a professional development event for government executives and advisors. It is focused around key areas such as:

  • What digital democracy means for government agencies
  • Why leading transformational change within your department is critical
  • More about the tools and techniques being used around the world, and how they can be used to enhance representative democracy
  • A range of ways to make community consultation more effective

Date: 5th June 2018

Time: 6.00-7.30pm

Location: State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Room: "The Gallery" Sydney, NSW 2000


Alan DuPont

Opening Speaker


Tom Burton


Meet the Panelists


Elizabeth Tydd

NSW Information Commissioner



Museum of Australian Democracy


Iain Walker

Executive Director of
newDemocracy Foundation

Amelia Loye

Amelia Loye

Director of engage2


Jamie Skella

Co-founder of Horizon State

Opening Speaker


The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Cognoscenti Group, a political and strategic risk consultancy, Alan DuPont is one of Australia’s best-known strategists, Asianists and thought leaders. He has worked extensively at the interface of business, finance, security and politics and has held several advisory and board positions. Alan has an international reputation for his research and commentary on international affairs, geopolitical risk, defence and national security and he has been an advisor to several Australian ministers of defence and foreign affairs. Following 25 years of service in government as an army officer, defence intelligence analyst and diplomat, Alan distinguished himself as an academic entrepreneur, teacher and scholar and was recently named by the Australian Financial Review as one of Australia’s leading strategists.



Tom is a highly recognised publisher, digital leader and corporate affairs executive with sophisticated media, digital, marketing, communications and regulatory experience and contacts working in top-level commercial, government and global NGO enterprises. Deep understanding of media, telco, IT and internet sectors.


Elizabeth Tydd

Liz is the NSW Information Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC). She has been a key advisor on the National Action Plan for Open Government in Australia convening Information Commissioners across the country to coordinate their input into the plan.


Daryl Karp is currently the Director of the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House where she has doubled the visitation in three years and given voice to tens of thousands of visitors through large-scale participatory collaborations, interactive experiences and targeted research. She combines over 20 years’ experience as a CEO and senior manager in broadcast and digital media. Her work in non-fiction narrative and consumer engagement leads to commercial, community and educational outcomes. She has worked across public, private and government sectors enabling high performance work environments.


Iain Walker holds a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from UTS. His career has spanned commercial roles in professional sport at the PGA Tour and Golf Australia and time in the technology industry at Microsoft Australia.


An internationally recognised expert in community engagement and digital democracy for Government and Managing Director of engage2. For more than 15 years, Amelia has helped governments in Australia, New Zealand and Canada to understand, engage and work with the people and organisations they represent. Amelia was recently invited to speak to the United Nations Economic and Social Council about public participation in government and society.


Jamie is the co-founder of Horizon State, an Australian startup focused on the redesign of society engagement using distributed ledger technology. Jamie has 20 years of experience in the design, building and advising of emerging technology for businesses and organizations working with engagement, virtual reality, smart cities and other intelligent sectors. At Horizon State, his main role is to establish new levels of trust in government and support opportunities for social outcomes and civic improvement.


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