Smart Communities

28 September • ADELAIDE


Help build resilient cities. You are invited to attend the Building Smart Communities event, a panel and workshop hosted in partnership between engage2 and the Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand. Hear from the panel, ask questions, then participate in an interactive forum to discuss how you can help leverage power IN the crowd and build smart communities.

Chaired by Gail Fairlamb, Department of Premier and Cabinet, join specialists Rebecca RumbullAdam Beck, Amelia Loye and Nigel Morris for a morning of discussions on smart cities, smart and resilient communities, engagement and the use of technology to find power IN the crowd including; big data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and civic technology.

Smart cities understand, value and leverage the resources within their communities. The people and organisations that want to contribute, the connections and social networks that exist both online and offline and the social capital that is exchanged among them. Find out how technologies are being used by governments across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America to understand, engage and work with the communities they serve. This is how we build smart resilient communities.

Hear from Rebecca Rumbull head of research at mySociety, Europe’s leading authority on civic tech, Amelia Loye engagement specialist and managing director of engage2 and Adam Beck executive director of Australia and New Zealand Smart Cities Council. Join us at The Science Exchange on 28th September. Tea, coffee and morning tea will be served on arrival.

  • What is a smart city and what does it mean for resilience
  • How blockchain is changing the way governments serve community
  • Using big data and Ai for smarter cities and more effective services
  • Digital disruption, democracy and trends in community engagement
  • Using Virtual Reality to educate and involve community
  • Lessons from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand
  • Leveraging the power IN the crowd to service community
  • The real benefits of opening government
  • Digital inclusion and integration of online and offline services

Unfortunately Justin Herman is no longer able to participate in this event.

Innovative methods for digital engagement and customer service

17 September • Dunedin, NZ


Join us on Sunday, 17th September, at the ALGIM Spring Conference for a discussion on Innovative Methods for Digital Engagement and Customer Service.

In this interactive workshop Justin HermanRebecca Rumbull and Amelia Loye will look at integrating innovate methods for engagement and customer service (including emerging technologies) into the way governments serve and govern. Covering trends, identifying fads as opposed to what might stick.

The workshop format will be a mix of panel discussion, group discussions and group exercises. Attendees will leave this workshop understanding:

1) The current trends across Europe and America – democracy, citizens’ expectations of government and participation

2) How civic tech is being used by government and outside of government to enable greater participation in government and community, address service issues and challenge the legitimacy of government

3) The possibilities – what’s next? VR, AI and Blockchain

4) What to expect and how to manage it – including media and community reactions, citizens’ expectations and input, pace of change, disruption to your organisation, private sector firms / technology sales teams and the risks of using new tools in this context

  • How government and communities are using civictech
  • Digital disruption and emerging citizen technologies like VR, Ai, Blockchain etc
  • Digital customer service and engagement
  • Opening government, open data, linked data and big data for customer service
  • Trends in community engagement, customer service
  • Democratic innovations by governments in America, Europe and Australia
  • Cross-sector collaboration for social innovation and public service
  • Where face-to-face, people centric digital methods meet
  • Servicing community when there's a digital divide
  • Building communities of practice
  • Design methods, engagement and social science for governance and customer service

Private executive briefings

Justin, Amelia and Rebecca are also doing executive workshops to help build capability in governments across Australia and New Zealand. They have one day left in their schedule on the 22nd of September. Get in touch if you would like us to tailor an event to your needs.



Justin Herman • U.S. Federal Government, GSA

Justin Herman leads the Emerging Citizen Technology program office for GSA's Technology Transformation Service, including Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services, Blockchain, Virtual/Augmented Reality, and Social Tech. These programs unite federal managers to improve the creation, efficient adoption and performance evaluation of digital programs.
Justin coordinates Open Government and government-wide use of the U.S. Digital Registry for the General Services Administration Technology Transformation Service.



Rebecca Rumbul is the head of research at My Society. My Society is a non-government organisations that is helping governments and civic tech industry to understand and work with each other across Europe. My Society has been running The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference for three years which is sponsored by google and facebook’s civic engagement teams. The organisation regularly produces reports about the state of the industry internationally and is well respected as a go to organisation for advice about tools, trends and providers around the world.
Rebecca manage all aspects of mySociety's research activities, including managing research relationships with our external partners, designing and conducting new research projects, and developing new ways to understand and measure our real-world impact.



amelia loye • engage2

Amelia is the founder and managing director of engage2, a network of specialists with the suite of skills needed to help government engage citizens and stakeholders in the 21st Century. We use social science, creative facilitation techniques, technology and data analytics to make online and offline engagement and community consultation more effective.
Amelia has worked with governments in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, engaging people and organisations in policy making, planning and the design and delivery of services and programs for more than 15 years. Amelia also supports The Mandarin with the Mandarin IQ a bespoke engagement service, and Code for Australia with the NSW Academy, and recently hosted a session as part of the NSW Public Service Commission Leadership Academy.


Adam Beck • Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand

Adam is Founding Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, an organisation dedicated to accelerating sustainability outcomes in cities and towns through the adoption of technology, data and intelligent design. He is also an Ambassador with Portland-based think tank EcoDistricts, where he was previously Director of Innovation.
Before entering the mission-driven sector, Adam spent 15 years with global consulting firms, including almost a decade at Arup. He was lecturer and studio lead in social impact assessment and community engagement at the University of Queensland for three years.
Adam has dedicated his career of more than 20 years to advance city-building practices around the world, through the creation and deployment of frameworks, tools, and protocols that accelerate sustainability.


Gail Fairlamb • Department of Premier and Cabinet South Australia

Gail has led her team to develop the YourSay website: a central hub for South Australians to collaborate with government, as well as many other innovative programs including Unleashed – the government's open data event, citizens juries and ground-breaking people's budgeting initiatives Fund My Community, Fund My Idea and now Fund My Neighbourhood. These programs create new ways for the community to work together with government.


NIGEL MORRIS • District Council of Yankalilla

Nigel Morris commenced his career in Local Government over 25 years ago as a Computer Operator/Programmer at Wagga Wagga City Council before embarking on 11 years as a travelling consultant installing, troubleshooting and enhancing the major Local Government Information Systems into Councils throughout Australia. Nigel returned to Local Government within the IT Departments of Adelaide City Council and City of Burnside before entering Executive Management with General Management positions within City of Burnside and secured the role of Chief Executive Officer at District Council of Yankalilla in December 2015.

Nigel is able to leverage his extensive technology background to lead his Council with limited resources to enhance, understand, engage and work with his community.



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