The Human Sound Project for ChangeCamp 2017

We are looking forward to having The Human Sound Project at ChangeCampAU! They will be joining us after lunch to create some inspiring beats! This post is from the team at the Human Sound Project.

The Human Sound Project was born from the idea that each of us can connect and inspire each other through the power of music. We jumped at the chance of becoming involved in ChangeCamp 2017 both as contributors and active participants, as we wholeheartedly believe that fantastic things can happen when like-minded people, communities and organizations are brought together to share ideas and interact.

About the Human Sound Project

The Human Sound Project facilitates collaborative music workshops, through song-writing, body percussion, and the expressive arts. Our workshops aim to highlight the value in working together in driving change, by allowing participants to express themselves as a group and showcase their combined ability to co-create.

The Human Sound Project – an introduction from The Human Sound Project on Vimeo.

They also function as a forum for discussion, in which participants can talk about their various achievements and barriers, and reflect on their journeys both as individuals, and as groups. They allow different groups to bond and engage, and also to develop the cohesion necessary to work towards building more profound outcomes.

We always stress that anyone can create music – our motto is ‘if you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk you can dance’. ChangeCamp operates on a similar principle – you do not need a special qualification or skill-set to create positive social impact. What you do need is motivation and a desire to actively participate and contribute what and where you can!


Why ChangeCamp?

We felt our mission aligned perfectly with the event organizers vision for ‘tribe creation’. We also share a burning desire for individuals, organisations and government representatives to band together in adopting new initiatives, while at the same time working together to build resilience and a sense of community support and empowerment.

events screen-shot-2015-11-20-at-2-40-07-pm-1

Through ChangeCamp 2017 we hope to celebrate efforts in building more positive outcomes, while at the same time encouraging all involved to create an even more powerful impact by working collaboratively, and developing meaningful partnerships with each other. We look forward to meeting attendees on July 1st!

-The Human Sound Project Team


Eager to lead your own conversation? Please register for ChangeCampAU by June 27th and submit your session suggestions. If you have already registered but would like to suggest a session, please send an email to


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