Podcast: engage2 Director Amelia Loye on Data and Engagement

Listen to engage2 director, Amelia Loye, discuss the connection between data and engagement with contentgroup’s David Pembroke.

engage2 director Amelia Loye spoke with David Pembroke from contentgroup earlier this month to discuss the connection between data about engagement and how ‘open data’, ‘data about community’ and ‘data from community’ can be used to improve policy development and service delivery.

Amelia met David last year in Canberra. contentgroup aims to help “government and the public sector strengthen communities and improve the well-being of citizens through effective content communication”.

Drawing on engage2’s work engaging stakeholders and citizens, and working on open government initiatives, Amelia discusses some of the ways governments can use data to target communications, distribute information more effectively and make engagement more representative;

“People are already talking about the problems facing our community. I think it’s up to us to figure out where people are talking about those things and to actually understand a language that they’re using.” We should understand “how information might be distributed among networks within our community and to tap into those networks in an effective way, to try and participate in community as opposed to always expecting community to find the information that we’re just releasing up online on a website, for example.”

Amelia also spoke to some of the ways open data and data about communities is being used to inform engagement and policy discussions, and some of the ways ‘data from community’ could be used and shared across Government to inform and refine policy, programs and services and proactively manage the impacts of proposed changes;

“I think we’ve come a long way in discussing open data, data from community and how we can use that to make people more informed, or make it more accessible and demonstrate transparency. There’s data about community and some of that data comes from government, some of it comes from things like the census, it might come from big data about community. But then there’s also data from community and I think that data has a lot more value than we typically recognise, and I think we need better systems and processes inside government to share that data around so that we’ve got a strong understanding of how a certain proposed change might affect a community, and how we’re involving citizens in a meaningful way within the design and refinement of programme services and policies.”

Listen to the podcast here, or go here to view the transcript of the discussion.



Here’s a photo of Amelia and David at the Open Government Summit in Paris 2016 #ogp16

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