Engagement for your project

Invite input and work with people and organisations in your community to design and deliver policy, plans, programs and services.


Engaging governments

Prepare your organisation to consult, engage, collaborate with others more effectively.

How we work

Work with your stakeholders

At the end of our engagements we will suggest ways you might re-engage and maintain relationships with your stakeholders. This type of engagement is more involved or ‘deeper’ than consultation. It’s about working with stakeholders to mitigate, manage or maximise impacts. For example you might work with stakeholders to co-design policy and plans, or to co-deliver programs and services. It’s especially important if you want to collaborate for impact, or measure outcomes and the effectiveness of change.

We will set you up to re-engage and manage ongoing engagement support these types of collaborations with stakeholders, by facilitating co-design processes, and setting you up to manage ongoing engagement, so you can co-deliver solutions, and measure and report outcomes.

We can work with you in the following ways

  • Identify your stakeholders
  • Design your engagement strategy
  • Select and procure tech for engagement
  • Develop questions for engagement
  • Set up communications channels
  • Write content, develop your story
  • Design and facilitate engaging events
  • Build relationships with stakeholders
  • Encourage public participation
  • Manage online engagement
  • Collate, analyse and report input
  • Engage for social impact
  • Close the loop with stakeholders
  • Prepare for ongoing engagement
  • Build engagement capabilities

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