Every strategy we design for our clients is different. On each project we take into account the objectives, existing relationships, channels and resources our clients have available for engagement. We then profile communities, identify stakeholders and map networks before suggesting methods and questions for engagement so they are targeted and encourage constructive input into your project.


We deliver engagements in Australia and New Zealand. We work closely with our clients to procure technologies and set up channels, then invite and manage participation in their consultations and engagements. Coordinating and facilitating events and online discussions, and moderating and managing issues as required.

Results & insights

We collate the input our clients collect across their engagement channels and analyse it so we can report the results of engagement and insights gained. We create briefing notes with infographics and data visualisations to make it easy for policy and decision makers to consider information collected, and produce an engagement report so insights can be shared.

Work with your stakeholders

At the end of our engagements we will suggest ways you might re-engage and maintain relationships with your stakeholders. This type of engagement is more involved or ‘deeper’ than consultation. It’s about working with stakeholders to mitigate, manage or maximise impacts. For example you might work with stakeholders to co-design policy and plans, or to co-deliver programs and services. It’s especially important if you want to collaborate for impact, or measure outcomes and the effectiveness of change.

How we work

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