We help you to align your efforts, systems and processes with your organisational objectives so that engagement activities reflect your values and the way you work with, represent, serve and govern the community.

Engagement is not just about informing the community about policies and programs and inviting them to comment on them. It’s an investment (time and money) to educate, to encourage participation and contribution through active, responsible citizenship and business. It’s an opportunity to gather data, build lasting relationships and identify social capital that can be leveraged to deliver social outcomes and maximise your impact. But you need to be prepared to do that.

We work with your staff to build their confidence and capability, and strengthen your systems and processes.

People and the experience of engaging

People are motivated to contribute when they feel valued and we are most productive when we are encouraged to create.

Most people join the public service because they are altruistic and want to make a difference but the bureaucracy can wear you down. It is especially hard to face the community, especially when the organisation you represent is making a tough decision that impacts people’s lives, businesses, property and places.

It can feel a bit the same when you come to government or an organisation with an idea, skill or concern. Many people feel that government are not listening and they don’t understand the reasons for decisions being made or the trade-offs that had to be made for something to happen.

Engagement is as much about education as it is about recognition. It’s also about understanding the impact of decisions and helping people to understand what they can do to contribute to better outcomes.

We help you understand the assets in your organisation and community, and the opportunity to leverage them for more effective engagement. We build capability where it is needed and the confidence of others to create and contribute in ways that reflect the values of your organisation.


Technology has changed democracy. It’s not just about online engagement anymore – we expect personalised communication in a way that suits us, and when invited to provide our opinions and ideas we expect to be listened to. We want governments to consult, represent and serve us between elections using all the tools available to them. And that is a lot!

We help you make sense of what technologies will work in your organisation and help you deliver you engagement objectives. We will help you to design an integrated IT solution to communicate collect, analyse and report data collected through engagement, to manage issues that arise and the relationships you create, and leverage the investment you and your stakeholders are making into the process.


The most effective engagements we have worked on adapt to the needs of the project and people involved in them. Which is exactly why it is important to ensure everyone managing engagement can do so with the confidence that they have your endorsement to deliver a experience that reflects your organisations values while responding to your stakeholders needs.

It’s pretty simple really; you just need some processes in place to seek approval for your engagement approach, including how you will manage the information and relationships created and any issues that arise.

Benefits of Effective Engagement:

  • Efficient management of procedures and technologies; appropriate use of personal data collected
  • One system to effectively manage large amounts of data from multiple sources
  • Centralised data bank enables you to respond swiftly and effectively to Ministerial requests
  • Proactive engagement and management means less chance of issues escalating
  • Increased trust from your community
  • Better meet the needs of your community

engage2 Services:

  • A scoping session to assess the opportunity – get the right people in the room to assess the appetite for change (FREE!)
  • Backcasting – working closely with you to examine what’s happening now, where you want to go and how we can help you get there
  • Designing an engaging experience that can be consistently delivered
  • Developing policies and processes to help you achieve your vision and manage issues that arise along the way
  • Design and set up systems for digital engagement and the management of data from stakeholders, citizens, issues and relationships
  • Capability building – our standard engagement training (frontline, strategic planning, innovations and digital engagement) or customised training to ensure your staff are confidence using the new systems and processes
  • Cultivating change – executive briefings, workshops with key staff to ensure alignment of values across your organisation, creation of materials to support consistent and effective engagement

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