ALICE SIMPSON-YOUNGEngagement Coordinator, Analyst

Alice is passionate about environmental policy and sustainable development particularly the ways people understand and can help shape the future of our changing world.

She has been working part-time with engage2 since April 2013 while studying environmental studies and government/international relations. During this time Alice has worked on policy development, urban planning, open government, community engagement and civic tech.

Alice now has extensive experience in event management, research, online media and stakeholder analysis, and the tracking and analysis of social issues. She also brings to the team a strong understanding of communities, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), and volunteers. Her experience working with these groups has given her valuable insight into how they engage with each other online and offline.

In 2017, Alice will graduate with a double degree focused on climate policy, sustainable energy governance, urban planning, climate science and resource management in Australia and Canada. She is also currently completing a six-week scholarship with the Head of Geoscience at Sydney University as part of their summer scholarship program. At the end of the program Alice will publish a paper on the impact of climate change on Sydney, with a focus on local government urban forestry and climate adaption policies.

Alice participated in the 2041 Antarctic Youth Ambassador Program in 2013, where she spent two-weeks with academic specialists, scientists and industry leaders in Antarctica discussing the ongoing challenges of climate change. She is also an active member and former volunteer coordinator of the Inner West Division of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC).


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