Dane MurrayCollaboration Facilitation Coordinator

A Social Designer, Dane has helped governments and communities work together on cultural and environmental challenges for more than a decade.

Dane specialises in creating environments and experiences that enhance collaboration, encourage knowledge sharing and allow groups of people to innovate for social change. A trained Industrial Designer, Social Entrepreneur and Collaboration Facilitator he brings a potent combination of skills and knowledge together to help people in organisations reduce their environmental impact and maximise their effectiveness in communities.

He has worked as a freelancer within all levels of Australian government, within most of the top Australian companies on ASX 50 and with Not-For-Profit community groups across the globe, on projects aligned with his values. In 2015 Dane co-founded the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at UNSW, a multidisciplinary startup designed to foster an “innovation mindset” in Australian universities. He has also contributed to Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses at UTS and is a regular guest Lecturer in Sustainable Design Thinking at UNSW.

If you’ve met Dane you’d also know that he is also an expert at ‘holding space’ and encouraging high-level productivity that is driven by fun. He specialises in Space Making, creating physical experiences that are enjoyable for participants while maximising their productivity, improving efficiencies and accelerating group decision making.

He recently joined the engage2 team to co-design the experience, coordinate the process and facilitate the flow of the event for ChangeCampAU participants. After experiencing his expertise first hand we are delighted Dane has agreed to join the engage2 Network as our new Collaboration Facilitation Coordinator.


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