Johanna KlausCreative Director, Designer for UXD, Interface and Digital Content

Johanna is a multidisciplinary designer and creative director specialising in User Experience Design and Interface design for the private and public sector. Johanna has worked with Government agencies in Australia for more than six years, and has a deep understanding of Government requirements and the development and approvals processes for design.

Working with engage2 over the past five years has honed Johanna’s experience working with government. Key projects include her role as creative director and user experience designer for stakeholder engagement for the Open Government Partnership in Australia and New Zealand over the last two years. Her strength in presenting complex information as a simple visual presentation of content adds huge value to engagement outcomes.

Johanna’s process of gaining deep audience insights to inform the visual strategy, and her collaborative approach to working with clients, allows her to design innovative visual communication and effective UX solutions.

In her work with Darzin Software from 2015-2016, Johanna was engaged to develop the experience strategy and design an updated version of the stakeholder management software. Johanna completed comprehensive research to gain a deep understanding of software functionality and user needs to develop an effective product.


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