MARTIN RODGERSManagement of Stakeholder Relations NZ

Martin is a facilitation and engagement specialist with over 15 years experience working with government and not-for-profit entities. In project management and team leadership roles, he has devised and delivered engagement strategies for discrete projects, recurring local government planning processes and nationwide discussions. As a consultant, Martin now works with organisations to assess public and stakeholder sentiment, including the wider political environment, before devising effective engagement and communications strategies to achieve key objectives. These strategies have involved both face to face and online engagement processes, with an increasing focus on the use of social media as an effective tool for wider public engagement. He is also a highly skilled presenter and facilitator; regularly acting as MC for events, the wrangler at large public meetings, and facilitator of group deliberations.

Martin is adept at working across all levels of organisations and in complex environments with a well-developed sense of political nous. He has an engaging and genuine approach that quickly builds rapport and a conducive environment for achieving shared results. He establishes and maintains trusting relationships with both clients and stakeholders with a commitment to keeping collaborators informed and involved. Martin is also experienced in working with diverse communities and always adopts approaches consistent with Te Ao Māori and the Treaty of Waitangi.

Martin recently project managed the process for New Zealand to consider changing its national flag in the lead up to a binding national referendum. This included overall responsibility for marketing, engagement and communications strategies, including the integration of traditional and new media activities. He facilitated the nationwide series of public engagement workshops, as well as the decision making sessions with the 12 member
independent panel of prominent New Zealanders leading the project. Prior to this, Martin managed the research, consultation and planning team at the Wellington City Council. He has a Masters in Public Management from the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington.


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