Welcome to the engage2 team, Danial!

Data Scientist strengthens engage2’s data analysis and information management

We are really excited to welcome Danial to the engage2 team. Danial will be working with us as a data scientist to gain greater insights into the data we collect and generate, and the way we manage our data at engage2. He is passionate about data science and artificial intelligence, particularly the benefits these applications can bring to real world problems.

Danial is part way through his Master’s degree at the University of Sydney, studying Information Technology. Danial’s thesis analysed Twitter data to predict the outcome of a general election in Pakistan. He used various data-mining techniques and statistical methods including sentiment analysis and topic modelling.

Having previously worked in software development and database management, Danial has already been busy at work optimising some of our systems, organising our data infrastructure and extracting insights from our existing datasets. We are thrilled to be working with Danial and appreciate the fresh perspectives and skills he brings to the team.

Welcome to the team, Danial!

Danial and Alice at CSIRO

Danial and Alice at the CSIRO offices February 2017

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