One of the reasons why I am organising ChangeCampAU

Through my work at engage2 and my volunteer work I have the great fortune of meeting amazing people and organisations consciously trying to have a positive impact on our planet, places and people.

I also see burn out, people and organisations passionately contributing value unsustainably. Its hard to find the time to look up, the courage to ask for support and the foresight to know where to direct our efforts. And sometimes, on a bad day, even the optimists, altruists and doers need some encouragement and support.

If this resonates with you I would like to introduce you to ChangeCampAU. Inspired by ChangeCampCA and my friends and colleagues serving the public inside and outside of government.

ChangeCampAU is about grassroots social change, active citizenship and do-ocracy. It’s an unconference (mostly), created for and with you. So we can learn from each other and explore ways we might collaborate to increase our social impact.

Our first ChangeCampAU event will be in Sydney on 1st July 2017.

Find out more here.

Registrations open in 2 weeks. We have room for 120 people only. Some of you will have received a save the date from Alice and I on Thursday. If you didn’t receive our email but would like to stay up to date please sign up for updates now.

I’m really excited about this, and can’t wait to see what we can create together.
Please see the FAQs for more reasons why we are organising ChangeCampAU.

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